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Monday, September 25, 2006

Tools: Virtual Floppy Drive

The folks over at VM Back have come out with this handy little prograam for viewing, editing, creating floppy drive images. Virtual Floppy Drive is an essential part of a virtualization toolkit. Granted, it is not a required part, but it sure makes the job easier. Prior to learning about VFD, I used to have a virtual machine dedicated to floppy image creation. All I can say about this is - what a relief.

Screen Shot Follows:

Now I know there were other ways to do this before, but I really like this kind of program where you can run it, use it and make it go away without having to wonder hat happened to your system. This one stop short of being a portable app, but only because it really isn't possible to get this close to hardware while remaining completely portable. Anyway, enjoy!

Thanks to an anonymouse commenter for this addition to the virtualization toolkit!



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